5 Mar Our Lent Project

We really want to use Lent to encourage people to hold on to hope.

We understand that living with a mental illness, is scary, it's debilitating, isolating and frustrating. So often you wish that you could just give up. It feels as if there is no hope and you're caught in a vicious circle, but if we all work together, to help one another, and ourselves, we might just be able to restore hope and find the road to recovery.

Never lose hope

We're going to be encouraging you all, via our social media platforms to get involved, and fear not, we're going to be taking part too, but more of that in a moment. Each day, we're going to share a post for friends and family, encouraging them to reach out, and another for sufferers, encouraging them to try a new hobby, activity etc which they can incorporate into their self-care routine. 

We're taking part in the suffering side as our triggers are beginning to trip a wee bit and we need to refresh our own self-care. Yes, even we still get times where we're on the edge of a wobble, none of us is exempt. Fortunately, we've noticed the signs early and can take action to prevent a crash.

What we would love, is for you to join in and add any suggestions you may have in the comments of each post. We really believe that working together is key to raising awareness and ending the stigma attached to mental illness.

We look forward to working on our Lent project from tomorrow. Before then, enjoy your pancakes.