15 Jan You Are Not a Bottle!

I recently shared a post on my social media platforms entitled, 'You Are Not a Bottle.' It may seem quite an obvious statement, really. Of course you're not a bottle! You're a human being, a person, a unique and wonderful individual; which I think, is a far better thing to be. In fact, I cannot think of anything I would rather be, than a person, apart from perhaps a sloth, but that's a rather big aside, so back to the point. You are not a bottle!

Plastic water bottle

As I said in the social media post, you're not designed to hold things in, and when I say 'things,' I mean emotions, worries, concerns. Bottles are mass produced with the sole purpose of holding something, but people aren't; and yet, so many of us 'bottle up' our thoughts and feelings, and that is not helpful to ourselves, or those around us.

Because we're not designed with the purpose of being a container, there is only so much that we are able to hold on to before it all starts to overflow, or worse still explodes (think of a shaken cola bottle). How the overflow manifests will vary from person to person, but it's unlikely to be a pretty sight. So what can we do to avoid bottling things up?

If you have people around you, even just one person, who knows you well and whom you trust, talk to them. I'm not sure if a problem shared really is a problem halved, but talking to someone can help you to work through things. I find verbalising my problems, is more about 'me' finding clarity from the mess that the same thought creates in my mind, and allows me to explore the issue with someone I know won't judge me. Even if that someone happens on occasion to be my dog!

Another way to offload those worries may be to write them down. I have a personal blog that I use to do just this, but if you don't fancy entering the world of blogging, you could right a journal, or even a letter to yourself. Some people find it therapeutic to write their worries down and then shred, or burn them in a symbolic gesture. However you choose to do it, seeing it written in black and white can help to put things into perspective. Don't fancy writing? Try art! You don't have to be good, you're not painting a piece for The National Gallery! 

Whatever you do, it's really important to deal with it, because stress and worry can affect your mental health, and for some, can result in mental illness. For more information take a look at Mind's How to Manage Stress page and remember...

You are NOT a bottle, but you are an amazing individual!