Krista Magica

Krista Magica – ‘Unwell’

Hello! My name is Krista, but as an artist I go by the name Krista Magica. I'm the creator of the brand Planet Magica! ~☆

I want to bring originality, weirdness and uniqueness to everyone's worlds.

I am a digital artist who suffers with depression and anxiety but am also on a waiting list to get diagnosed further. I am mostly affected by dissociation, intrusive thoughts and self-harm which can often be seen in my work.

Krista Magica - Unwell Greetings Card

My style is heavily influenced by Japanese "kawaii" culture and Harajuku street fashion. I am also heavily inspired by anime and western cartoons, mostly just all things cute colourful and interesting! My work also has a dark side as I do work with pieces dealing with mental and physical health, which are also influenced by the Japanese fashion movement called "menhera" which used to be the word used for mental health patients. It portrays mental health issues as the gruesome and horrendous thing it can be while still dressed up in cute colours and themes, hiding the deeper messages in plain sight.

Other than menhera art work, the styles I usually work in end up falling under 2 other Japanese street fashion styles. Uchuu-kei which stands for space alien fashion, is related to space, spacecraft, aliens and the universe. The other is mahou-kei which stands for magical fashion, it is very inspired by a genre of magical girl anime. Everything to do with sparkly magical things and believing yourself! All of my work doesn't, of course, fall into these categories.

When I'm not drawing digitally, I'm creating jewellery and creating art on my face through makeup and expressing myself through alternative fashion.

It makes me extremely happy to see how much enjoyment and inspiration people get from all my creations and I'm happy that I can create something worthwhile. Often times, when I'm not confident in myself at least I can try to be confident in the work I create. Creating things for the entire world to judge is terrifying especially living with anxiety, motivation is also extremely difficult at times, but it really gives me a purpose so I'm endlessly happy to be on my own magical journey and I hope I can inspire someone to do the same!

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